We are a civic coalition of concerned citizens taking organized action to restore the traditional harmony between the City-owned municipal airport and neighboring communities that is being destroyed by the harm from current flight school operations at the airport. We will press the Torrance City Council to take all necessary action to achieve that objective.

The Coalition for Torrance Airport Reform (COTAR) is an outgrowth of the roughly 1,000 residents who signed a petition last year demanding Council action on the safety, noise, and lead pollution issues created by current Torrance Airport operations. Because the City has not yet addressed these issues, COTAR is advocating for the City to take action to restore the balance between the community and its publicly-owned airport. COTAR will continue to campaign until residents can once again enjoy a peaceful quality of life in Torrance that is their right.

The Torrance City Council is scheduled to address airport issues at its upcoming meeting on July 25, 2023. COTAR has studied the issues and will be making recommendations to the Council on agenda items as well as other relevant issues not up for Council action at this time.

The listing of the main issues needing attention is shown below.